Sean Wallpaper No 1

Hello Girls, hello Boys. Its ben a while now sence i'm here and i finally made it. I will try to do some of these once a week, maybe more. But please be patient with me, i'm not a pro... Please be kind, and understand that this is my intellectual idea. I did not want to run it with a watermark. Its free for you to copy it or download for your Screen. If you do have any thoughts or wishes just let me know, they are verry wellcome. I will post it then here. I just hope you all can see it and it works to enlarge.

Sence this is my first one.. THIS IS FOR YOU ... GOVI !!

So, like it is in here... enjoy, have a nice week....  and to make it legal...... here's Sean Wallpaper No 1

                                                                         ...... a Dream to dream

Sean Wall 1
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Hello everyone...

just want to say hi to all of you. I´m happy that i joned Seans community. if ben watching and looking at it for a while, and so the time arrived, that i couldnt stop, adding my self to it.
After all i must say, its verry verry great work that has ben done here. Keep up the good work guys.

Lots of greetings to all of you out there from Berlin.

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